Emigrare.Info – Returning Soon

Emigrare.info was a great source of information for the Romanian emigrant, with crowd sourced real world advice. It ran from 2003 or so to mid 2019, when it died. We thought it would be good to bring it back so this helpful resource would once again be available. But, we are making a few changes:

1. This time we are going to have the main site in English, with Romanian as an available translation.

2. We aren’t going to revive the forum. Anyone who knows much about forums these days will tell you that they are hard to run due to all the spam posts from automated software.  You can win the battle against the bots, but it takes a lot of time, which we don’t have.

3. Instead of the forum, we will run a blog. We will solicit guest posts from knowledgeable people who have practical immigration experience to share. We can police that much better.

So if you would like to get in touch you can. Until we rebuild the site, take care, and we look forward to reconnecting.

2 thoughts on “Emigrare.Info – Returning Soon”

  1. Felicitari pentru initiativa!
    Si datorita voua si membrilor vostri am ajuns in Australia.
    Nu am fost eu cel mai “model” user, m-ati si dat afara odata, dar emigrare.info a fost o parte importanta din viata mea in perioada 2008-2014. Mult succes pe viitor!
    Cele bune,
    userul: “Cameron”

    1. I am a native English speaker, so if you don’t mind I will translate your comment and respond:

      Congratulations on the initiative!
      And thanks to you and your members we came to Australia.
      I was not the most “model” user, you fired me once, but emigrare.info was an important part of my life during 2008-2014. Good luck in the future!
      Best regards,
      User: “Cameron”

      Thank you! Several former users used the contact us form to let me know of there interest in seeing the site come back. I am slowly getting organized.

      Basically, I have an interest in all things immigration as I am an immigrant myself. So when I saw this domain name come up on auction, I checked its history and decided to revive it. The website first I think, then I might have a go at a forum.

      BTW, that is great news that you emigrated too. There are so many countries in the world you just want to escape from.

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