The first step in obtaining a permanent resident visa as a Translator (after making sure you meet the minimum requirements set out in Booklet 6) is to contact NAATI – National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.

They will give you the necessary details for accreditation as a Translator in Australia, which will allow you to get 5 points for the community language (Romanian).
For equivalence, they will ask you to send them all the certificates / diplomas attesting the fact that you are a recognized Translator in Romania. If you are not a translator in Romania, you will have to see the conditions for accepting the exam registration.
Details can also be found on their website and by contacting them directly.

Another chance for equivalence would be to have studies at an institution approved by them (a list will be given to you after you contact them).
If NAATI does not recognize your translator’s diploma / certificate, register with them for an exam. There are several examination centers in the world that you can learn from. Also, if you ask them to register for the exam, NAATI will send you an information and preparation package, in which you will find more details regarding the examination centers and the dates on which the exams take place.
Among the materials you will receive from them is a booklet on Ethics. You are drawn to the minimum marks / averages that you have to take in the exam to pass.

It is recommended, and even NAATI recommends this, to register for the one-way translation exam, the one in the foreign language in Romanian. It is easier of course, and what matters is to take the exam.

The exam consists of translating two texts of your choice from three that are given. There are also three questions about Ethics, from which you can choose two to answer.

Attention to the exam! Time passes very quickly. When I started the exam and saw what it was about, it seemed easy and I relaxed too much and I didn’t even realize when almost two hours had passed. I had entered the time crisis and was about halfway through the second text to be translated. I hadn’t even started Ethics yet, or at least 5 should be taken there.
I won’t tell you how fast my pen started to run on the exam paper and I managed to finish it at the last minute.

The texts will be from various fields, in general, not specialized: politics, education, social, health, science, etc. I had a choice between a text on health, one on education and one on politics. Because there were some terms in the health text whose Romanian equivalent I was not sure, I chose to translate the text from education and politics. Texts are actually articles that can be found in magazines or newspapers.

It is good to follow the sending of the exam result and not to leave it too soft, because in my case I lost 5 points at the age.
After about three months of waiting without any results (the result is released after 12 weeks) I sent them an e-mail and they told me that they had already sent me the result.
I asked them what address they sent it to and it was totally wrong. By the time I received my diploma from NAATI I was 35 years old and with that I lost 5 points.

Fortunately, my points were compensated by the fact that I obtained 5 points in the Australian qualification / diploma.
Yes, that’s right, NAATI accreditation / diploma gives 5 points for immigration.

When I submitted the file I did not include the IELTS test, in fact I had not even thought to give it, having a translator’s diploma (and proof of English language skills) obtained from them.
But after a few months, when I received the request for medical and criminal records, they also asked me for the IELTS test or at least the proof of registration for the test, considering that the documents requested by them had to be sent in a relatively short time.
I sent the receipts and the schedule to the IELTS test, along with the medical and criminal record.
In fact, the doctors were sent directly by the clinic where I did the tests.
Less than two months after sending the IELTS test results, I received my visa letter.


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