As a tourist you have practically no health to find work, neither immediately nor for later. This is for the simple fact that those who start looking for a job do not do it for pleasure but out of necessity, so they don’t have time to wait for you for a few months until you get a visa, not to mention the fact that you can change your mind. , and then he has to start over.
There were a lot of guys who accepted jobs and then after they got their residency they resigned. This has set fire to recruitment agencies, which do not even want to look at those with a tourist visa (they do not take their money if the person they recommend does not work at least 3 months after employment, which in most cases described above did not happen).

My warm advice is not to try, because you will end up running with the immigrants, and I don’t think you will be able to stay hidden for more than a week or two. The country is small and not you. Apart from pizza delivery, unloading boxes in the warehouse and putting vegetables in bags at the supermarket, there is not much else to work for tourists. It’s not worth it…

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