The list below may be useful to those who are trying to translate their analytical program into equivalence for economist or accountant.
By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. These are just basic terms that you can use to inspire you. A good enough level of English is required to link the words as they appear in everyone’s syllabus. And a lot of time for individual study and proofreading. For some, it may be worth the effort to save money on translation. But anyway, the most important thing is the accuracy of the translation.
If you are not absolutely sure that the result is perfect, you better look for a translator specialized in something like that. If you still use this list to inspire you, please look for alternatives.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | I | L | M | N | O | P | R | S | T | V

——————— A ———————
Excise – Excise Accreditive
– Letters of credit
Asset (s) – Assets
Current assets – Current assets
Fixed assets – Fixed assets
Resource allocation – Resource allocation
Depreciation – Repayment
Treasury advances

——————— B ———————
Balance of foreign payments – Foreign payments balance
Trial balance – Trial balance sheet
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
World Bank – World Bank
balance sheet – accounting balance sheet
promissory note – order bill
of revenue and expenses – income and expense budget
stock goods – Commodity exchange

——————— C ———————
Cambie – Bill of exchange
Cost calculation – Cost calculation
Share capital – Share capital
Equity – Owners’ equity
Cashier – Cash desk
Check – Check
Request – Demand
Global demand – Global demand
Expenditure – Expense
Fixed expenses – Fixed expenses
Variable expenses – Variable expenses
Turnover – Turnover
Economic circuit – Economic circuits
Merchant – Merchant
Domestic trade – Domestic trade
Foreign trade – Foreign trade
Commission –
Competition Commission – Competition
Consignation – Consignment
Consumption – Consumption
Cont – Account
Financial accounting
– Accounting and business data processing
Contract of sale – Buy / sell contract
Account of results (profit and loss) – Profit and loss account
Bank accounts – Bank accounts
Production cost – Production cost
Cost per product unit – Costs per product unit
Order costs – Order costs
Quotes – Stock quotation
Receivable – Receivable
Growth – Economic growth
Quantities – Quantiles

——————— D ——————–
Statistical data – Statistical data
Due – Debt
External debt – Foreign debt
Decile – Deciles
Economic imbalance – Economic imbalance
Dividend – Dividend
Dissolution of the company – Company dissolution
Dobinda – Interest
Double recording – Double recording

——————— E ———————
Economic balance – Economic balance
Financial balance – Financial balance
Market economy – Open market
World economy – International economy
Elasticity of demand and supply – Demand and supply elasticity
Financial year (or accounting) – Fiscal (or accounting) year
Sample – Sample

——————— F ——————–
Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy
Factors of Production – production factors
Acts trade – Commerce acts
public Finance – public finance
economic flows – economic fluxes
IMF – International Monetary Fund
commercial functions – the commercial function
function research / development – the R & D function
function staff – the personnel function
function production – The production function
– The financial / accounting function – The financial / accounting function

——————— G ———————
Pledge – Mortgage
Bank Guarantees – Loan guarantees
Accounting administration
– Management chart

——————– I ———————
Fixed assets
Financial fixed assets – Financial assets
Intangible assets – Current assets
Intangible assets
Tax – Tax
Building tax – Building tax
Gambling taxes
State loans
– Bond loans loan
Closing of the year – Bond issue loan End-of-fiscal-year
Aggregate indexes – Aggregate indexes
Indices of forecasts – Provision indexes
Indices with constant weights – Constant weight indexes
Indices with variable weights – Variable weight indexes
Indices dynamic – Dynamic indexes
Indices individual and group – Individual and group indexes
indices statistics – Statistical indexes
territorial indicators – Territorial indexes
Inflation – Inflation
Enterprise – Enterprise (or Company)
Investments – Investments

——————— L ———————
Company liquidation

——————— ——————— M
Macroeconomie – Macroeconomics
monetary mass – Monetary mass
Weighted chronological average – Weighted chronological average
Simple chronological average – Simple chronological average
Median – Median
Microeconomics – Microeconomics
Monopoly – Monopoly

——————— N ———————
Negotiating – Negotiating

——————— O ———————
Object and method (accounting) – Scope and method (of accounting)
Bonds – Bond
Supply – Supply
Currency supply – Currency supply
Global supply – Global supply
Oligopol – Oligopoly
World Trade Organization

——————— ——————— P
Passive (s) – Liabilities
Heritage – Patrimony
Financial market – Financial market
Money market – Money market
Labor market – Labor market
General chart of accounts – Account plan
Cash payments – Cash payments
Payments by transfer – Transfer payments
Budgetary policy – Budgetary policies
Monetary policy – Monetary policies
Profitability threshold – Profitability threshold
Price – Price
premiums related to capital – Capital premium
The quantitative procedure
The procedure of deducting the value
The simple division procedure The simple division procedure
The equivalence index procedure The
percentence – Percentiles
Production – Production
Gross production – Gross production
Production in progress – Current production
Productivity – Productivity
National product – National product account
Profit – Profit
Provisions for risks and expenses – Provisions for risks and expenses

R ——————— ———————
rate of return – Profitability ratio
rate marginal – Marginal rate
Renta – Annuity
Rezerve – Reserve
Rezultat reportat – Reported results

——————— S ———————
Distribution series – Repartition series
Series chronological – Time series
system decision – decision making system
budget system – budgetary system
transnationals – transnational companies
Unemployment – Unemployment
Survey series – series survey
Poll mechanical – mechanical survey
Poll typical – typical survey
Surveys random – random surveys
Surveys conducted – Direct surveys
Spor medium – Mean growth
Stocks – Stock
Subvebtii – Subsidy

——————— T ———————
Developing countries countries
Tax – Duty (or Tax)
Value added tax (VAT) – Value-added tax (VAT)
Discount tax – Discount tax
Stamp duty – Stamp taxes
Customs duties – Customs
Securities – Securities
Treasury – Treasury

——————— V ———————
Gross added value
Net added value
– Securities
Venit national – National income account

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