It is not necessary to have something like this on paper, it is enough to have a contact person (it’s good to be the former shaf if the murmur ‘breaks the English) who can call.
Neither me nor my wife looked at those papers except to pick up the phone and talk to the person in person … It’s good to have what is called “personal referees”, meaning people who know you and that man, not only as a colleague or subordinate and it would be good to be locals, but this naturally applies after a while here.
The explanation of the above story is that no one here will give you written recommendations, because if based on them someone hires you and it turns out that they took the plunge, those with the recommendation are good to pay for fraud, so more well no one gets in. The phone still works, no writing, so no one expects you to have such a thing.
A compromise solution is also email, but most employers will prefer a phone, which is good to exist, it’s weird not to have any recommendation, without which you have no chance.

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